4 bridges on Asambasti-Kaptai road inaugurated

Four bridges have been inaugurated on the Asambasti-Kaptai road in Rangamati.

Dipankar Talukdar, president of the Parliamentary Standing Committee to the Ministry of Food, and member of parliament from Rangamati constituency, inaugurated the bridges on Friday morning.

After inaugurating the bridge, he said: “A developed communication system flourishes the tourism industry. Hence, the economic condition of the people in the area also develops.”

“Road work is going on till Thekamukh. There will be an immigration point here. LGED is working on the road from Karigar Para to Belaichari. Border road work is also going on till Rajasthan-Beliachari-Juraichari-Barkal. Similarly, on the Asambasti-Kaptai road, the high and low terrain has been made more attractive by these bridges at various places. As a result, the traffic of tourists has increased in these areas. Resorts are being built around this road which is also changing the economic situation of the people here,” he added.

According to LGED sources, a total of four new bridges of 48, 120, 96 and 48 feet have been constructed on the Asambasti-Kaptai road. The total cost of this whole project was about Tk15 crore.

Contractor Jasim Uddin said: “We faced various problems while working in the hilly area. Yet, we have tried our best to complete the bridges on time.”

Rangamati LGED Executive Engineer Ahmed Shafi said: “The construction of these four bridges has cost about Tk15 crore. This project will contribute to the development of tourism in this area.”

Regarding the work on the expanded road, the engineer said people had to suffer as the road work was delayed due to Covid-19, fund problems and some negligence of the contractor. “However, we have overcome the challenges and the work is now in motion. I hope the road work will be completed as soon as possible,” the engineer said.

The Asambasti-Kaptai road has green hill on one side and Kaptai lake on another. Due to the combinations of lakes and mountains, this road quickly attracts tourists. Numerous business establishments including about ten resorts have also been built along this road. These new bridges will boost the tourism sector in this area, people hope.