Fixed The High Definition Audio Device Not Working Error On Windows 10

In the taskbar, click the search button, type “Command Prompt” and right-click the icon and click“Run as Administrator”. Click the“Scan Now”button to start the scanning process. Select each service one by one and click on“Disable”to prevent them from launching on startup. Now, press “Windows+R” to launch the Run box and type in“msconfig”. Now that you are familiar with most of the reasons that slow down the launch of Steam, we will be moving on towards implementing fixes to eradicate this issue. Copy the numbers after the “/app/” part in the URL.

  • Try to restart your PC if the above methods do not work.
  • Thanks @erpster4 I got the Audio Manager on the alanfox site installed with the help of @Cliff S and it works great.
  • This solution is specifically for either bad cracks or games that do not require cracks but just a bypass through Steam.

Download the Intel audio driver and save the file (.exe). Click on the Next button and select the radio button for Search for and install the hardware automatically .

Which Driver Am I Using?

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