Walton produces Medicart robot, UV-C disinfectant system

Local electronic giant Walton is manufacturing medical equipment including ventilator to fight coronavirus pandemic.

It is now manufacturing Medicart robot and remote control UV-C light disinfectant system.

On Thursday, the company will hand over the medical equipment to the ICT division for a clinical trial. State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak and senior officials from ICT and Walton will attend the videoconference to be held at 3pm.

Sources said the model of the Medicart robot device is ‘WRMC-400 AP-2020’. It is entirely developed by own designs of Walton. Controlled by RF frequency, this automatic robot can cover an area of 400 meters in diameter and automatically carry food, medicine, medical or other equipment to patients in isolation.

Powered by a lithium ion battery, the robot can run continuously for 6 hours on a single full charge

This robot can be used to treat coronavirus patients or patients with other infectious diseases in isolation. Physicians can operate this robot via computer, mobile phone or remote while sitting in his room or anywhere in the world through an operator.

They can provide medical care to patient as well. It has a special camera, microphone and speakers that allow physicians and patients to communicate with each other through video conferencing.

In addition to the medical field, this robot can also be used in offices, factories, educational institutions, public spaces such as air or sea ports, bus and railway stations and shopping malls, among others, the company said.

Meanwhile, Walton’s R&D engineer Alim Hassan Ferdous said they manufactured a remote control UV-C light disinfectant trolley. The WUV-T150 is a 253.7 nanometer ray disinfectant that can kill up to 99.99 percent of viruses and bacteria.

The remote controlled UV trolley can be used in hospitals, homes and offices. The use of UV light directly on the human body and eyes is harmful. But this Walton-made UV trolley has modern protection system.

Walton has also developed and produced another remote control UV-C light thermal germicidal chamber. It destroys germs in two ways – through UV rays and heat. Residual heaters have been used inside it as a result it can generate moisture-free heat up to 90 degrees with powers to control heat and time automatically.

It also has a modern protection system for the human body and special sensor that automatically shuts off when people or animals are present. PPE, masks, gloves, utensils, food etc can be disinfected with this UV-C thermal chamber.

Walton officials said the Medicart robot and the remote control UV-C light disinfectant system will play an important role in dealing with coronavirus, creating huge opportunity to export the medical equipment after meeting the local demand.

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