Govt to build 1.28cr skilled workforce by 2030

The government is mulling to build some 1.28 crore skilled workforce to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as materializing the desired goal of turning Bangladesh into a prosperous and developed country. To materialize this goal, the Ministry of Education would sent some 1,731 teachers and officials to Singapore and China in 2019 for taking training, said a senior government official. Additional Secretary to the Technical and Madrasa Education Division AKM Zakir Hossain told BSS that till last year, the government had sent some 1,564 teachers to Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, China and India to receive training to meet the local demand alongside developing the technical and vocational education. The government is implementing the programme to develop the technical and vocational education with financial support from the World Bank in line with the 7th Five Year Plan. Zakir Hossain said it is a big challenge before the country to build some 128 million workforce as skilled labour force to keep up the momentum of the country’s LDC graduation and thus vie for attaining the higher middle income country status. “To face this challenge, the government has taken various initiatives to build skilled work force for the sake of the country and the nation as well as prioritizing on the labour market in future,” Zakir said adding that there is no alternative to technical and innovative education to build a prosperous Bangladesh. General Secretary of the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB) Shamsur Rahman told BSS that it would not be possible to attain the SDGs if around 20 percent technical education is not ensured by 2020 while some 30 percent technical education by 2030. “The private entrepreneurs have to come forward in this regard alongside the government. There are some 700 technical training institutions, both from the public and private sectors, in the country and government assistance is needed to ensure training for the teachers of these institutions both at home and abroad,” he added.

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