Banana farming on the rise in Magura

Banana farmers of the district have been attaining financial solvency for over the last few years.
Farmers’ sources said green banana cultivation is on the rise in the area.
The DAE, Magura, sources said around 1,250 hectares of land have been brought under the farming of banana. About 5,000 farmers are directly or indirectly engaged in green banana cultivation.
Nazmul Haque, a farmer of Akshi village under Magura Sadar, said he has been farming the fruit for the last five years. “This year I brought three bighas of land under the farming of green banana. I have already made a profit of Tk 70,000 by selling the produce.” He expects Tk 30,000 more this season.
Trader Wahab Mondal green banana is being sold at Tk 1500 per thousand in the local market.
Magura DAE official Gobinda Das says banana cultivation is turning fortune wheel of farmers. The department provides all necessary support to the growers.