Govt to build underground power sub-stations

The government has planned to construct underground power sub-stations in mega cities and district towns for saving land and ensuring smooth electrify supply in any circumstances.
Besides, Power Division also moved to measurement of land that will be required in next 15 years for building adequate sub-station to ensure sustainable electricity for all citizens.
“We planned to increase the capability of power sector entities as adequate power supply is the pre-condition of sustainable development,” State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said this while talking with reporters in the city on Tuesday.
Mentioning higher population density in Bangladesh, the Minister said we cannot expand our land so we have planned to build underground power sub-stations and multipurpose utilisation of limited land.
Consumption of electricity becomes high at evening peak hours across the country while in other period the demand is about 3000MW, he said.
The government also initiated to increase use of ICT at route level of power sector for supplying hassle free service, Nasrul Hamid said.
He said power sector is working with four innovative ideas to provide quick, hassle free and digital services to the consumers.
“These innovative ideas would resolve problems in the power sector and ensure quick, hassle free and digital service to the electricity clients,” Nasrul Hamid said.
Regarding the recent power shortage following  the broke down of a national power grid due to cyclone, he said the government should always be ready to take mitigation measures considering risks in the power sector.
“The power sector officials should conceive innovative ideas, discover themselves with more advanced initiatives and get engaged in the service to the clients to ensure better future of the nation,” he opined.
He said the Power Ministry has taken initiates to increase availability of prepaid meter card in seven days a week, now available in five days as the two days remain closed due to weekly holidays.
The government fixed its target to reach power generation capacity to 24,000MW in 2021, 40,000 MW in 2030 and 60,000 MW in 2041.
The power generation capacity has reached 15,379MW that is 80 per cent people are getting electricity facility across the country.
The foremost goal of the government is to achieve the sustainable development goal by 2030.