Japanese band made in Bangladesh

Mae Watanabe and Shunsuke Mlzutani from Japan have a band, with Watanabe in vocals and Mlzutani in keyboard and vocals. Question remains, what is so special about it?

Their band, “Bajna Beat” as they have named it, is made in Bangladesh.

The two friends– Watanabe and Mlzutani– came to Bangladesh six-seven years ago for different reasons. Once here, they fell in love with the Bangladeshi people, their songs and music.

Last year, they decided to form a band alongside their other humanitarian activities in Bangladesh they are involved in. The duo knows Bangla, and has so far covered many popular Bangla songs with their band. They have also composed an original score “Shonali” that combines both Bangla and Japanese languages.

Watch the video to enjoy their performance and know more about the