Steps afoot to make rural posting for secondary teachers compulsory

The government is planning to take steps against the practice of schoolteachers hankering for postings in government schools in urban centres and refusing to go to remote areas.

The education ministry plans to take stern steps soon against such teachers.

The ministry has said that most of the teachers’ posts in secondary-level government schools in rural and remote areas are vacant, while there are too many teachers in the urban areas.

Ministry sources say that rural students are being deprived of proper learning when teachers of vital subjects like mathematics, English and science do not go to teach in schools situated in remote places and stay on in the urban centres for financial benefits.

The ministry has found that most of the secondary schools are without teachers to teach the vital subjects. So, it wants to rationalise the posting procedure.

Besides, the sources say no assistant teacher would be allowed to perform the duties of a headmaster at the secondary level. Eligible new headmasters or assistant headmasters will be posted, wherever necessary.

At present, there are 334 secondary schools across the country having around 10,000 posts of teachers. But about 2,000 posts are lying vacant, while there are only 250 headmasters, add the sources.

Jaintapur Government High School in Sylhet has 485 students, who are being taught by 15 teachers against the total post of 27. There is only one maths teacher and one science teacher. There is no one to teach religion.

“We have a huge crisis of teachers of the vital subjects. We had three maths teachers, but two of them left the school a couple of months ago,” the school’s  headmaster, Abul Hossain, told The Independent.

“It is hard to teach science students with one teacher only. In fact, students are being deprived of proper education when teachers of important subjects leave the schools for better places,” he said.

“We want to rationalise the posting of teachers at the secondary level soon. From our report, we have found that many teachers prefer to stay in the urban areas. This cannot go on,” Chowdhury Mufad Ahmed, additional secretary (govt secondary) of the education ministry, told The Independent.

“We want to safeguard the interest of students. So, we will take stern steps in this regard. No influence from any quarters for transfer to schools in urban areas or suitable places will work. We will inform to the top authority about the need for the development of education,” he said.

He also said teachers recruited by the Public Service Commission (PSC) would be posted efficiently so as to eliminate the crisis of teachers. “Teaching in rural schools will be made compulsory,” he added.

He also said that the government is determined to improve the quality of education and classroom teaching is important to achieve that goal.

“If the teachers leave the rural areas with the help of intervention by various quarters, it will do no good to the nation.

This culture should change. Besides, better facilities should be ensured for teachers,” he added.