Govt to spend Tk 434.86b to revamp health sector

The government has undertaken a big programme involving Tk 434.86 billion (Tk 43,486 crore) to be spent in next five years for revamping health sector.

The health ministry already identified six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) those would see significant improvement on completion of the planned programmes and activities in 2022.

The KPIs include decrease rate of infant mortality, maternal mortality, child malnutrition, total fertility rate and increase the rate of child delivery with expert midwife.

The targets would be achieved by 2022 through 29 operational plans under the Health Nutrition and Population Sector Programme (HNPSP), Secretary of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare M Serazul Huq Khan has said.

“This is the 4th HNPSP aiming to improve equity, quality and efficiency for gradually moving towards Universal Health Coverage and achieving health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” he said.

The government in its policy statement for 2017-18 and 2019-20 said that the planned programme would strengthen governance and stewardship of the public and private health sectors.