On the road to digitisation

The country is fast moving ahead on the road to digitisation, to become “Digital Bangladesh” as part of the government’s Vision 2021. The government has connected all the government offices in a single website as a2i – Access to Information.
And the government is doing a lot to upgrade the quality of government services through e-procurement, online services in every Union Parishad, online passport services etc.

The nationwide digitisation efforts have also touched Jahangirnagar University. The university has already set up Multimedia classrooms, Projector and laptop for every department, Computer lab with Wi-Fi in every department, Free Hall Wi-Fi zone, Central Cyber Café at Library, Online Honors admission application, websites of the departments and website of the University.

But Jahangirnagar University still has to improve some aspects of digitalization. The University still deals with manually in receiving Halls due, Admission fee, Application and fee for Transcript, University Scholarship application form, Registration for hall seat, Final examination fee and application form for final exam. Result is published manually, no online database for students, the library service is not completely digitized yet, no digital or smart student ID card yet.

There are criticisms with Hall Wi-Fi speeds and services. And hall Wi-Fi bandwidth is not enough to meet the demand of a vast numbers of students.

A 3rd year student of Department of Public Administration said, “Our University has improved a lot in the process of digitalization. But there are many more things to be done as students have no Smart Student ID card yet, the final exams results are published manually, and the register office is not digital enough to meet the needs of students.

As the administrative work still done manually, the students have to face hassle many times while paying admission fee, final exam fee and dealing with academic Certificates and Transcripts etc.

Fojle Rabby a student 2nd year student of Anthropology at Jahangirnagar University said, “Bangladesh is moving towards digitalization very fast. But it’s a matter of regret so many things at Jahangirnagar University have not been digitized yet. There is no online database for students; the central library is not digitized yet. The students have to borrow books manually, and there is no digital database of books of the central library.”

He farther said, “We urge the Jahangirnagar University administration to take proper initiative soon to fulfill the demands of digitisation so that we can keep pace with the digital era.”

Jahangirnagar University is one of the reputed public universities in the country. The University authorities should promptly adapt to the fast advancement of technologies.

That’s why all the stakeholders and students demands proper digitalization in every sphere of Jahangirnagar University administrative work.