Shusong Durgapur: An alluring tourist spot

Shusong Durgapur – a panorama that always offers a calm, quiet and serene beauty to tourists. The lush green scenario of the hill across the border of Bangladesh and India really was eye-catching. I was enthralled with its beauty. Like many other tourists I call it the beauty queen of nature. Birishiri reflects the colour of Paradise; it reflects the real colour of green Bangladesh.
Birishiri is one of the most panoramic tourist spots in Bangladesh, yet fully to be unravelled and explored. The picturesque countryside along the Shomeshwari River with beautiful sand covered banks marking its edges is sure to mesmerise anybody. Except the rainy season, it is hard to find much water in the river and that is why it keeps on changing colours with the change of seasons.

Located at Netrokona district, about 200 km north from Dhaka, Shusong Durgapur of Birishiri may be called the crownless queen of all the destinations of Bangladesh. It’s not only blessed by charismatic natural beauty, but also it is rich in ethnic culture. There dwell many ethnic groups including Hajong, Garo and Mandi that have been carrying on rich cultural heritage for long. Apart from the domestic tourists, many people from abroad come here to learn and enjoy the diversified ethnic culture and life styles.
Birishiri is a place where the river flows with unending symphony where the hills nap against the sky. Birds’ cackling awakes you from sleep. This is such a place that can calm down one’s mind with its awesome landscape. In the landscape there is a melting pot of river, hills and tribal peoples’ enchanting life sketch. The cardinal attraction of the Birishiri is Shomeshhori River.
On the way tourist will experience the exotic lifestyle of ethnic people and they will enjoy watching farmers working in the vast lush of green fields extended upto the horizon. On the way to ceramic hills, tourist will pass through a temple called Ramkrishna Asram, Statue of Rashimoni and an old church. The place is nice and refreshing. Nice view of the Shomeshori River and adjacent hills are really eye catching and amusing. You can collect water from there but you need to obtain permission from the BGB. Then you can move towards the ceramic hills by rickshaw. Ceramic hills constitute an awesome and picturesque landscape.
Other main attractions of Birishiri include the beautiful landscapes of the area and the panoramic view of Durgapur River. Except for the rainy season, it’s hard to find any water in the river and that’s why the river changes its landscape with the change of seasons. There is also an ethnic museum at Birishiri. It’s a must to visit attraction while you are in Birishiri. Apart from the above attractions, tourists will like to enjoy the beauty of Konhshow River, Ceramic Lake, Garo village, Hazong Mata Memorial, Palace of Shusang Maharaja, Cultural Academy, Ranikong Church etc.
As Birishiri is a remote place and situated along the Bangladesh India border, all modes of transportation aren’t available here. So the best way to get in here is by road from Dhaka. It will take about 7-8 hours to reach there and the last half an hour may get bumpy as the last 30 km road is yet to be carpeted. The memories you will collect on that trip will remain unforgettable and ever-refreshing.
The Writer is the Head of PR, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation