Bangladesh RMG sector to become ‘No. 1’ globally

UNCTAD Secretary General Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi has said the emerging readymade garment industry of Bangladesh will grab the number one position in the world soon.
“The progress story of Bangladeshi apparel industry is replicable example for all other countries of the world,” he told the visiting Bangladesh Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu in Kenya, an industries ministry sources said.
The bilateral meeting, held at Kenya International Convention Centre in Nairobi, discussed how to enhance UNCTAD’s assistance in increasing industrialisation and investment flow in LDCs including Bangladesh.
Dr. Mukhisa and Amu discussed the ways to improve Bangladesh’ emerging leather, plastic and pharmaceutical industries alongside import of Bangladeshi skilled manpower to Kenya.
Praising the progress of these three industries, the UNCTAD secretary general said the achievement of these industries could be a role model for other countries.
He told Amu that he would raise the issue in the closing ceremony of the world investment forum to appraise the global trade leaders about it.
Besides, an UNCTAD delegation will make a visit to Bangladesh soon to get a broader picture of total industrial sector of Bangladesh, Mukhisa also informed.
He said Bangladesh can avail the opportunity of cultivating cotton and produce yarn in Kenya with exporting skilled manpower in the segment as huge lands remain unutilised in the African nation.
Welcoming the offer, Amu said Bangladesh would take necessary steps in exporting skilled manpower to Kenya after getting formal proposal from the government
of Kenya.
The industries minister said Bangladesh has already snatched the second position in global apparel industry and the industry remained resilient amid global meltdown buoyed by state patronisation, entrepreneurs’ skill and endeavour.