GDP growth finally hit 6.55pc in FY15:

The country’s GDP growth finally hit 6.55 per cent in the last financial year 2014-15, 0.04 per cent higher than the provisional GDP estimation of 6.51 per cent, said planning minister AHM Mustafa Kamal. The minister disclosed the information while talking to reporters after an ECNEC meeting in Dhaka on Tuesday. The provisional estimation of 6.51 per cent for the FY15 was made in April last year, said Kamal adding that ‘there is no force in the world which could say there is any kind of engineering in this final estimation process.’ Asked whether the per capita income in the last fiscal year would increase due to the GDP growth rise, he said it would definitely increase, but in line with the slight GDP growth rise. As per the provisional estimation, the per capita income in the FY15 rose to $1,314, which was $1,190 in the FY14. The GDP growth rate was the highest in the last eight years since FY08 when the GDP growth rate was 6.01 per cent. The GDP growth in the following fiscal year, 2008-09, fell to 5.05 per cent which, however, increased slightly to 5.57 per cent in the FY10. The GDP growth in the FY11 was 6.46 per cent followed by 6.52 per cent in the FY12, 6.01 per cent in the FY13, 6.06 per cent in the FY14 and 6.55 per cent in the FY15. The country achieved a 7.06-per cent GDP growth in the FY07, up from 6.67 per cent in the FY06. Asked how the economy fared better despite the three-month long turmoil last year from January to March, the minister said although there were turmoil, the economic activates did not remain stopped for a single-day during the period. ‘The supply chain was not disrupted at that time.’ The planning minister also hoped that the government would be able to gain 8 per cent GDP growth by the FY20. According to the final calculation of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the overall size of the GDP at constant market price for the FY15 stood at Tk 8,248,624 crore which was Tk 7,741,361 crore in the FY14 at constant market price. The agriculture sector growth in the last fiscal year was 3.33 per cent, which was 9.67 per cent in the industrial sector and 5.80 per cent in the services sector last time. The GDP growth rate of the fishing sector in the FY15 was 6.38 per cent, in mining and quarrying it was 9.60 per cent, in manufacturing the growth was 10.31 per cent, in electricity, gas and water supply, the growth was 6.22 per cent. It was 8.60 per cent in construction.