Highest remittance comes from KSA

Bangladeshi expatriates living in the Middle East (ME) and Gulf region continued to hold the top position in sending remittances to the country, reports UNB.
According to Bangladesh Bank statistics, the country received a total of $5.032 billion in remittance from different countries of the world in the first four months (July to October) of the current fiscal year 2015-16.
Of the amount, the highest $2.878 billion came from ME and Gulf region, while the rest $2.153 entered the country from other regions.
In the fiscal (2014-15) ending in June, Bangladesh received a total of $15.316 billion in remittance of which $9.072 billion came from ME and Gulf region, while $6.244 billion from rest sources.
The country-wise statistics show the highest remittance of US$1.025 billion came from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) during the July-October period.
Saudi Arabia is followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as Bangladeshi wage earners in this Gulf country sent $898.93 million in the four months.
Of the other ME and Gulf countries, Bangladeshis remitted $337.98 million from Kuwait, $310.06 million from Oman, $180.86 million Bahrain, $118.14 million from Qatar, $7.69 million from Libya and $0.06 million from Iran.The USA has been on top of the list in sending overseas remittance from the Bangladeshi wage earners as Bangladesh received $859.78 million from the country during the last four months.
Malaysia has been in the second position in this regard as Bangladeshis in the East Asian country sent $438.06 million.
Among the other countries, $278.88 million came from the United Kingdom, $124.53 million from Singapore, $120.90 from Italy, $25.46 from Italy, $18.09 million from South Korea, $8.15 million from Hong Kong $7.45 million from Germany and $5.67 million Japan.
Meanwhile, about $257.15 million remittance entered Bangladesh from some other countries.