New honours for the Prime Minister

The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has conferred its highest award – The Champions of the Earth — to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It has not only added another jewel to the crown of the Bangladesh leader but also to her country and people. She was given the highest accolade by UNEP in recognition of Bangladesh’s far-reaching initiatives on climate change. While the whole world, including the rich and powerful nations, who are mainly responsible for polluting the earth with emissions of a huge quantity of harmful gases in their mad race for industrialization, are least concerned about billions of global citizens facing the peril, including threats of extinction of a liveable climate, Bangladesh has made tremendous strides in battling the scourge and has been trying to motivate the world, especially the developed countries, to play a strong role to save the endangered environment.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had earlier been honoured with many awards and citations for her superb leadership qualities as chief executive, as a politician, a visionary and for her firm steps towards implementing decisions, be it for good governance, sustainable democracy, development of women and children, reducing poverty and curbing maternal and infant mortality. So far all her plans and moves have been widely appreciated across the world and are being followed by many developing countries. She has proved herself as an icon of politics in South Asia and presented Bangladesh to the world in a way that many countries today long for in forging stronger cooperation with Bangladesh.
The latest UNEP award Champions of the Earth comes in further recognition of the Bangladesh PM as a front runner in contemporary politics and a beacon of hope for many who have been pushed into the dark corners by the Western and European powers who pull strings across the world. Sheikh Hasina has broken out of the glass house they set around the poor nations and shown the so-called masters of the earth that their perceptions are wrong and a small country like Bangladesh can show the path to others.
At the current UN General Assembly, in the US Congress and at meetings with foreign leaders, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama, Sheikh Hasina stole the limelight and made others acknowledge the quality of her leadership and political sagacity.
Back home. Sheikh Hasina still faces some problems – not challenges – from political rivals, Islamist bigots and provocateurs who are trying to upset democracy and cause an unnecessary furore over the demand for an early election. But Sheikh Hasina by using her charismatic statesmanship and cool has tackled them all – and earned the praise of most Bangladeshis. The world today watches the Bangladesh leader with keen interest and much respect and appreciation.
The world is doing what it should do about a leader of Sheikh Hasina’s stature. But we the people of Bangladesh also have a role to play in further dignifying the Prime Minister (not just keeping busy with conspiracy and sabotage), see the war criminals are all tried and punished and give democracy a smooth run. All should avoid violence and criminality just for the sake of opposition or revenge – and instead give a hand to the government to strengthen its efforts to raise Bangladesh to a higher position in the comity of nations.