Govt distributes Tk 52cr among poor people

The govern­ment has distributed over Tk52.24 crore as various allowances among 66,355 enlisted beneficiaries here through the Social Service Department (SSD) during the fiscal 2014-2015.
Official sources said the SSD distributed the money as elderly allowance, widows and destitute women allowances, distressed people with disability allowance, distress freedom fighters allowance and meritorious students with disability allowance.
According to district Social Service office the SSD distributed Tk 20,5819200 among 42,879 elderly persons, Tk 6,22,36,800 among 12,966 widows and destitute women, (both at a rate of monthly Tk 400) Tk 3,70,50,000 among 6,175 distress with disabled persons (at a rate of monthly Tk 500) Tk 21,38,40,000 among 3,564 distress Freedom Fighters (at the rate of monthly Tk 5000), and Tk16,84,800 among 468 primary level disable students (at a rate of monthly Tk 300) Tk 12,31,200 among 228 secondary level students (at the rate of monthly Tk 450,) Tk 4,17,600 among 58 college level students (at the rate of monthly Tk 600) and Tk 2,04,000 among 17 university level students (at the rate of monthly Tk 1,000).
Narsingdi district Social Service Officer (acting) Masudul Hossain said the allowances were distributed among the deserving beneficiaries maintaining their economic suffering. — BSS