‘Bangladesh has bright prospects’

President Obama's advisor Nina Ahmad says concerted efforts can take Bangladesh forward.

“I think it’s high time for making efforts for progress and prosperity of the country (Bangladesh),” said N Nina Ahmad, a member of Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs).
In an interview with Hello.bdnews24.com recently, she said she wanted to see Bangladesh in ‘a more established and respected position’.
Ahmad said she thought about Bangladesh’s welfare and worked for the wellbeing of expatriate Bangladeshis.
She, however, refused comment on Bangladesh’s politics.
To a question, Ahmad said she wanted to work for Bangladeshi people from a broader perspective.
“I’ll do from the Obama government whatever is needed for the welfare of Bangladeshis,” she added.
Ahmad said she would hold discussions with leaders of Bangladeshi-origin communities to solve the problems they are facing.
Asked how did it feel to be an advisor to Obama, she said: “I’m feeling nice. I will work for the people of my own country (Bangladesh).
"It’s a great achievement. I want to contribute to the development of my country and countrymen.”
Ahmad said every individual should know at least two languages — the mother tongue and English.
Obama nominated her as the first Bangladeshi to his 14-member advisory commission on AAPIs on Apr 26 this year.
Ahmad said she was already looking into what Bangladesh and Bangladeshi community in the USA needed.
“I cannot work outside this country. So I cannot do anything for Bangladeshi people directly there (in Bangladesh).
"I believe that if anything happens here, it’ll certainly have influence on my country. I’ll work that way.”