Plan to revive Dhaka flood control project

The grand alliance government is planning revival of ‘Dhaka Coordinated Flood Control Dam, to be used as a major by pass road, which was taken 14 years ago to protect the capital city from flood. Fearing floods this year in Dhaka, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called an emergency inter-ministerial meeting to iron out a way for permanent measures to protect the capital from flood.
Director of PMO Sheikh Md. Abdul Ahad told The Independent that the mega project ‘Dhaka Coordinated Flood Control Dam cum Eastern Bypass Road Multi-Purpose Project’ was initiated in 1998 and a part of the project was implemented.
“After coming in the power in 2001, the BNP-led four-party alliance government closed the project out of vengeance. For that reason, dwellers of Dhaka city, especially the dwellers of eastern Dhaka were suffering from floods and water logging for the last one decade,” he said.
“It will be possible to build a new Dhaka within 124 square kilometers under the big project,” he added.
Secretary of Water Resources Ministry told this correspondent that it will protect the capital from flood permanently if the multi-purpose project would be implemented. At the same time, the capital’s traffic congestions are likely to be contained if Eastern Bypass Road on the Dhaka Coordinated Flood Control Dam is constructed, he said.
Sources in the ministry said that it would need of Tk. 3,000 crore to implement the project.
According to the sources, the fund of the project would be implemented in phases through raising fund from the government, public private partnership (PPP) and from the donor agencies.
When seeking fund from the donor agencies, the development partners advised the government to prepare a master plan from the Rajuk for the project.
Sources said, the project includes provision for controlling flood and drainage in 124 sq km areas in the eastern region of Dhaka as well as construction of a bypass road from Kanchpur Bridge to Joydevpur crossing.
In 2004, all previous feasibility studies and Environmental Impact Assessment were updated. The latest feasibility study report proposed to involve seven organizations— Roads and Highways, Dhaka WASA, LGRD, Dhaka City Corporation (DCC), Forest and Environment Directorate, RAJUK and Water Development Board.