e-learning launched for the first time

FE ReportCore Knowledge Ltd, an initiative of Rahimafrooz, has recently launched Online Learning Tools (OLT) for the Bangladesh market.

OLT provides e-learning courseware, e-books, videos, simulations, case studies among other tools for workforce training and development.

The OLT platform has over 1000+ courses, 30,000 e-books, 3000+ videos, hundreds of simulations/practice zone plus case studies and industry related articles in the areas of business, technology and desktop skills.

OLT is a complete learning management platform- which would allow corporations to track user learning through in built assessments and reporting.

“Many companies look into online learning as a way to reduce costs and address the needs of a geographically dispersed workforce. It’s only after they implement a programme when they realize that the benefits go much deeper” Mubasher Munaf Moin, Chief Operating Officer of Core Knowledge Ltd told The FE recently.

“Companies arrive at the decision of delivering online learning in different ways. Some may have a workforce spread across different regions and need a solution that is more flexible than classroom training. Others are engrossed in talent management and need an effective way to teach a wide range of competencies. Still other companies are looking for a way to reduce costs, yet maintain an effective learning strategy, further added Mr. Moin.

In developed nations use of online tools for corporate workforce development has taken substantial shape due to accelerating changes in business operating environments. Tight resources and stiffer competition have forced training/learning departments to look for ways to play a more strategic role. Due to its inbuilt facility of self-paced learning at the learners’ choice, and anytime-anywhere accessibility, online learning makes the overall transfer of knowledge easier, faster, on time and effective.

“Technology affects everything we do today- at home as well as at work. Any time an organization is looking to improve a process or bring about an increase in efficiency, technology tools are introduced.

“Our view is that the same should be done for employee training within organizations in Bangladesh. Depending on purely classroom based training to address all training needs is no more a viable option. Blending or supplementing that with online resources is the way forward,” advises Mr Moin.

Studies have shown that 20 per cent of employee learning happens formally through classrooms and the rest 80 per cent through informal channels such as e-learning, peer groups, social networks and on the job training.

A platform like OLT can enhance informal learning greatly by bringing in quality courses with the requisite assessment and tracking. Moreover, today’s workplace has technology users from diverse age groups. OLT can help address the different learning styles of employees. OLT can be used by Universities as well since it has foundation level courses geared towards helping graduating seniors prepare for the job market.

In Bangladesh, multinationals have long been using e-learning courses to deliver knowledge as part of their employee development plan and as a solution to their learning requirements.

Being a part of the parent group allows their local offices to enjoy access to online courses and resources. Now through OLT, local companies here can access world class learning content with a click of their mouse. OLT is powered by Skillsoft- the world’s leader in providing workplace e-learning solutions.

With their slogan “bringing an e-learning revolution to Bangladesh”, Core Knowledge hopes to facilitate the leap to a technology-based training and learning evolution in the country in the near future.