Local firm launches energy savers

Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the backdrop of a power crunch and tariff rise, Shobuj-Bangla Energy has started marketing energy-saving solutions to help consumers cut electricity bills.

‘Airco saver’, one of the devices, will cut air coolers’ electricity consumption. The other device, ‘circuit master’, will facilitate a 15-30 percent cut in electricity bills, said Rumee Choudhury, president and chief executive of Shobuj-Bangla Energy, a local company.

“When everybody talks about the power crisis and generation, we’re focusing on conservation to help minimise the problems and ease the burden of costs for users,” he said.

Rumee said the use of these devices would also cut carbon footprints.

According to the company, the airco saver helps save 15-25 percent energy without compromising cooling comfort.

Shobuj-Bangla brings these energy-efficient devices at a time when the air-cooler market is booming, spurred by demand among public and private institutions, apartment and homeowners living mainly in Dhaka.

“Air conditioning is one of the largest energy consumers in the residential and industrial sectors. Thousands of air conditioners put high pressure on electric grids, already strained to capacity,” said Rumee.

“It also accounts for a significant part of most energy bills and electricity costs.”

He said the company has tested the ‘airco saver’ in some private and public organisations on an experimental basis to build confidence of local buyers.

“We have had very good test results.”

Rumee said the company looks to sell its electricity-efficient device for ACs initially among institutions.

“We want to log sales of 10,000 airco savers by year-end,” said the Shobuj-Bangla top official.

Focusing on the other technology circuit master, imported from the US, he said his organisation would tap business prospects for the product among industry owners, private organisations and realtors.

According to the company, this circuit master can be installed in different power-driven machines such as pumps, motors, refrigerators and cooling equipment, air conditioning and heating and compressors to correct the ‘power factor’.

“It (circuit master) saves users’ money by reducing energy costs. It also helps cut equipment costs through an extended life cycle and reduced maintenance,” Rumee elaborated.

He sees a good prospect for energy-saving solutions, as energy requirements as well as power tariff would continue to grow with the rise in population and industries.

“We hope demand for energy-efficient devices will rise as people look forward to reducing their electricity bills.”

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